Providing comprehensive digital forensic solutions to uncover hidden evidence and safeguard your digital assets.

About Us

Digital Trace Australia is a leading specialist consultancy company renowned for its expertise in digital forensics and e-discovery. Our services encompass a wide spectrum of cases, including those in the commercial, civil, and criminal domains.
Our team unites extensive industry experience, top-tier qualifications, and specialised technical proficiency to provide a comprehensive service catalogue that is characterised by its independence, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to service excellence.

About Us

Our Services


We provide a flexible solution that can be tailored to meet individual complexities of each case and assist our clients to balance the overall scope, volume and cost of e-discovery. Our document review solution provides our clients with the convenience of an on-demand review platform with our experts standing by to guide and assist at each stage of the eDiscovery process.

Digital Investigation Services

We combine experience and qualifications with industry standard tools and methodology to specialise in the identification, collection, processing & analysis of data located on mobile, computer & cloud sources. We are able to provide expert witness testimony on our work or alternatively conduct an independent review of analysis and reporting done by other parties.

Digital Acquisition

Digital Evidence Acquisition is our expert service dedicated to the meticulous gathering and preservation of digital information crucial for investigations, legal matters, or cybersecurity incidents. We employ cutting-edge techniques to forensically extract and secure digital data from various devices, including mailboxes and cloud services.

Incident Response

We provide a systematic and structured approach to addressing and mitigating cybersecurity incidents and data breaches. An effective incident response involves detection, assessment, containment, recovery and continuous improvement to enhance an organisation's resilience and minimise potential harm.

Metadata Examination

We dig beneath the surface of files to uncover original creation dates, identify alterations, and help assess the provenance of digital documents and media. Whether assisting to validate wills, contractual alterations and integrity or checking photo metadata for insurance claims, our experts can provide valuable insights.

Search Orders

We respond swiftly to assist in search and seizure of electronically stored information during execution of search orders or hand up notices.. We ensure the identification and preservation of critical evidence and our expertise allows us to capture data in a proven manner that assists the admissibility in criminal, civil, and corporate legal proceedings.

Phone Forensics

Our team excels in investigations related to malware analysis, insider threats and breach of contract. Whether it’s looking for Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), tracing digital footprints, or validating contractual obligations, we provide evidence-backed insights to support legal actions. 

How We Manage Your Data

Evidence Identification

We understand the digital landscape in complex data environments and can identify and manage the potential evidence sources. This is a crucial step in forensic investigations as it involves systematically identifying and documenting potential pieces of evidence.

Forensic Imaging

Our clients can trust the integrity and reliability of data collected. To ensure the preservation of the original data's integrity we use specialised tools to create a precise image of a digital device.

Forensic Analysis

We identify potential evidence that standard searches may not by using industry leading tools to process, search and interrogate data. We assure the careful examination of physical, digital or other types of evidence to extract valuable information, establish facts, and provide insights that can be used in legal proceedings.

Forensic Report​

We offer versatility in presenting our findings, accommodating both face-to-face meetings and virtual video conferences. During these interactions, we engage with our clients to elucidate our analysis, actively soliciting prompt input to enhance the precision of our work. In cases where necessary, we provide comprehensive expert reports, accompanied by pertinent testimonies.


Uphold the highest ethical standards in all activities and maintain the trust and confidence of clients and the legal system. Ensure that evidence is collected, handled, and analysed with the utmost integrity and impartiality.


Strive for accuracy and precision in all digital forensic analysis. Ensure that findings are based on sound scientific principles and reliable methodologies, as inaccurate results can have serious consequences in legal cases.


Respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of clients, their data, and sensitive information. Adhere to strict confidentiality standards to maintain the security of evidence and client trust.


Maintain a high level of professionalism in all interactions with clients, law enforcement agencies, and the legal system. Provide clear, well-documented reports and expert testimony as needed.

Why Choose Us?

Focus On Getting Our Tasks Delivered

We offer a unique blend of proven expertise, adaptability, and a relentless commitment to delivering the highest standard of service in the fields of digital forensics and e-discovery.


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